Judges and Disciplinary Committee Arab Horse Festival 2019

The judges are invited by the organizer and work unsalaried.

Judges int. C-Show

Mrs. Berengere Fayt, Belgium, ECAHO B-List
Mr. Regis Huet, France, ECAHO B-List
Mr. Robbie den Hartog, Netherlands, ECAHO B-List

Judges European Amateur Show and int. Show for other Arabian breeds

Mrs. Emma Maxwell, England, ECAHO national
Mr. Andreas Letsch, Germany, ECAHO national
Mr. Burchard Schröder, Germany, ECAHO B-List

Judges FN Riding Classes

Mrs. Heidi Sprink, Germany
Mr. Volker Riekhof, Germany
Mr. Gino Thielen, Germany

Disciplinary Committee

Mrs. Kerstin Wisniowski, Germany, ECAHO A-List
Frau Marion Kerstingjohänner, Germany, VET

Ringsteward Show

Mr. Peter Hegemann, Germany, ECAHO Ringmaster