Advertising opportunities for you at the event Arab Horse Festival 2024

The success of advertising is not predictable in advance, but the publication of advertisements will in any case give you the opportunity to reach as large or new readership as possible, to draw attention to current events, or, for example, to present your stud or company. Despite Internet and PDF documents - a printed catalog is still an important tool!

Your advertising message is not yet represented with us? Then book your print ad today in the high-quality show catalog of our event and / or place banners along the sidelines of the presentation area! You also have the opportunity to support individual riding and show classes, as well as award ceremonies and championships with a monetary or material donation! We return the favor and promote your good deed. Sponsors will be named in the catalog as well as during the show and will receive a link reference to their internet presence on our homepage. Other combinations, e.g. with print advertisements in the catalog are possible. Contact us!

Your contact person: Mr. Roland Grebowicz
Tel.: +49 (0) 175 - 24 49 51 0

Price List

Here we have listed our prices in an overview for you.

Print Advertising Show Catalog
One full page, colored, portrait, DIN A4
Format: 210 W x 297 H mm
250 €  
Cover pages, colored, portrait, DIN A4
Format: 210 W x 297 H mm
450 € U2
450 € U3
550 € U4
One half page, colored, landscape, DIN A5
Format: 210 W x 148 H mm
150 €  
A double page, two whole DIN A4 pages positioned opposite each other
Format: 1x 420 W x 297 H o. 2x 210 W x 297 H mm
400 €  

All advertisements are to be delivered as PDF or JPG files in the format specified above plus a 3 mm bleed in 4c (FOGRA39) with integrated fonts and sufficient image resolution (300 dpi). We recommend a minimum margin of 5 mm for all important elements of your artwork.

The ad must be sent to the e-mail address no later than 14 days before the start of the respective event. Please note that the ads are colored correctly. Delivered data is taken over 1:1 and NOT checked or revised.

Board Advertisements
Placement of your delivered advertising along the side lines of the presentation space / per meter 100 €  
Class Winner 150 €  
VIP Chair 90 €  
It is possible to sponsor a part championship:
500 €
300 €
200 €
1.000 €
+ 1 full page Print Advertisement
+ 1m Board Advertisement
+ 1 VIP table with 6 chairs
250 €
100 €
330 €
If you take over a complete championship, you will receive all the services mentioned above at a reduced package price of 1.680 €
1.500 €
Riding Classes FN
WBO Classes: Honorary Prizes  
LPO Classes:  
Classes E
Classes A
Classes L
Classes M
100 €
150 €
200 €
300 €

All prices are plus 19% VAT