Judges and Disciplinary Committee Arab Horse Festival 2022

The judges are invited by the organizer and work unsalaried.

Judges Show

Mrs. Emma Maxwell, England, ECAHO national
Mrs. Julie Maden, Belgium, ECAHO B-List
Mr. Andreas Letsch, Germany, ECAHO national
Mr. Bernd Zimmermann, Germany, ECAHO national

Judges Riding Classes

Mrs. Isabell Mense
Mrs. Heidi Sprink
Mr. Gino Thielen

Judge Western

Mrs. Yvonne Steinbock, Deutschland (EWU)

Disciplinary Committee

Mr. Peter Hegemann, Germany, ECAHO Ringmaster
Mrs. Marion Kerstingjohänner, Germany, VET

Ringsteward Show

Mr. Ronny Vosch, Belgium


Mr. Max Barth, Germany


Mr. Michaël Steurs, ArabianHorseResults, Belgium